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LawStore Business - Startup Packages

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At LawStore Business, we provide legal and accountancy packages for startups and established businesses. With years of experience under our belt, we know that when it comes to starting a business, accounting records and legal obligations are not always at the forefront of a business owners mind. However, both play a crucial role in starting and running a business successfully. At LawStore Business, our packages have been designed to ensure that your business runs as smoothly as possible. By getting it right from the offset, you can avoid any future legal and financial issues from arising.

Our startup packages can be used by all types of businesses and can also be applied once a business has been established. Our additional services have also been designed so that all areas of your business are covered.

Legal Packages

Our legal packages include various legal services which are essential to creating a sound company structure, such as; company formation, expert legal advice, terms and conditions and even privacy policies. To find out more simply click here. If you feel that the packages are not suitable for your business, bespoke packages are also available. For further details simply call us on 0208 313 7084.

Accountancy Packages

Getting your finances in order and under control is perhaps one of the most important areas of your business. Knowing your profit as well as your outgoings at all times ensures that you have a healthy cash flow. Our fixed fee accountancy packages include; profit and loss, age debtor and balance. On going services are also included, simply click here for more details. Additional services are also available to make your packages bespoke and tailored to your businesses needs.
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